For management, the key is to make cybersecurity and IT security the focus of communications and to train them regularly. This is a task that we are happy to take off your hands and for which we offer a comprehensive training and education program. ready for you. Because every employee makes decisions every day that impact your information security. From the password to the responsible use of e-mails to the use of exclusively protected websites. 80 percent of a company's security incidents are caused by employees - mostly out of ignorance. Thus, the safe handling of data and technologies cannot always be assumed. be assumed. We will be happy to inform you about our training program and, if you wish, also put together a customized training course for you.

Whether customized or a training from our standardized training program. Whether on a regular or one-off basis, for the specialist or the user team - use the know-how of our data and IT security experts, to sharpen the perception for information security in your company.

At FALK, we provide our clients with targeted support in the form of professional training and coaching to meet these challenges. Technical training and coaching as well as professional consulting are closely interlinked. closely linked with each other. While the latest theoretical findings are continuously incorporated into our consulting approach, we use the practical experience gained from our projects to constantly optimize our training and coaching methods. and coaching methods.

    • Your client informs you that he plans to carry out training measures. The aim is to increase efficiency, security awareness or compliance, for example.

    • Training courses should be used to teach employees about topics such as GoBD, IT security, information security and the use of SAP.
    • SAP for auditors and accountants
    • IT Audit KMU
    • Understand GoBD

    • Implementation of training measures on various topics.
    • This can be done in-house or remotely (e.g. via MS Teams).

    • Training materials

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