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IT-Due Diligence

Reliably calculate integration difficulties, investment needs and organizational deficits of IT and identify risks: We determine IT-specific strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities for you as measurable variables.

You want to reliably calculate integration difficulties, investment requirements and/or organizational deficits in the existing IT area of the object of purchase and know potential risks. A well structured IT due diligence prepared with due care puts you in this position. In addition to technical weaknesses and potentials, we also highlight legal and business risks - with the interdisciplinary expertise of FALK.

With IT due diligence, we also enable new managers to gain clarity about the actual situation, potentials and risk areas of the information technology they have taken over. they have taken over.

Thanks to many years of experience in a wide range of areas - from IT audits to the design and implementation of IT infrastructure components - we reliably analyze the IT-specific impact factors on the value of the company. In addition to technical weaknesses and potentials, we also highlight legal and business risks - with FALK's interdisciplinary expertise.

The focus is on identifying and assessing the IT risks that could affect the buyer decision, our customers benefit in this respect from the summarized and clear presentation of our results.

We coordinate the design of the objectives and focal points as well as the implementation of IT due diligence projects in detail with you in advance and offer you customized consulting.

    • In the context of a transaction initiation, a due diligence is to be carried out.
    • You will be tasked with performing a Financial DD and Tax DD.
    • They recognize that the target's business model is very IT-heavy and recommend an IT DD.

    • You or your client needs to identify IT risks (and opportunities, synergies) as part of the transaction.
    • You need a specialist who can perform an IT DD.

    • Implementation of an IT-DD.
    • Report includes IT risks and possible synergies.
    • Impacts of migrations and IT costs associated with the deal become transparent.

  • IT DD Report

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