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IT is no longer just a means to an objective. It is a precursor to digitalisation. This makes it all the more important to ensure that the business processes in the company do not reveal any weaknesses and run efficiently.

An IT audit is a sensible way to gain security. Security that is needed to rely on the systems, the processes and the employees. An IT audit identifies weaknesses in processes and can be used as a basis for improvement.

Within the framework of IT audits or IT auditing, the IT-supported accounting system is assessed to see whether it meets the legal requirements - especially the regularity and security requirements - in order to be able to make statements about the regularity of the accounting. By analysing data, information or findings are obtained that are structured, ordered and presented using various techniques, such as statistical methods, so that the results can serve as a basis for solving problems.

    • A WPG performs statutory audits in a complex IT environment.
    • The IT-supported internal control system is to be assessed.

  • Principles of proper auditing (GoA) require an audit in accordance with IDW PS 330 for audits in complex IT environments

    • Standardized audit designed for 10 controls in accordance with IDW PS 330.
    • Coordinating appointments and conducting the audit with the client.

    • PowerPoint Report

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